Trademark and Wordmark searches can be extremely important for your brand and image protection. Signicent can conduct trademark and wordmark searches across various national and international trademark offices including US, European and Asian countries, as well as global brand databases.

In addition of conducting searches and reporting the relevant results, we also provide legal status (live or dead) analysis to help our client understand threats properly. Such searches can become important while naming your own brand (to ensure you do not infringe someone else’s trademark) and to find infringers who may be using your brand-name to sell his product and thereby willingly or unwillingly deceiving market.

Our team has proper knowledge of International trademark classes for goods and services. The areas where TM searches can be conducted includes

“Goods” for TM protection can broadly fall under:

Chemicals, Paints, Cosmetics and cleaning preparations, Lubricants and fuels, Pharmaceuticals, Metal goods, Machinery, Hand tools, Electrical and scientific apparatus, Medical Apparatus, Environmental control apparatus, Vehicles, Firearms, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Paper goods and printed matter, Rubber goods, Leather goods, Non-metallic building materials, Furniture and articles, House wares and glass, Cordage and fibbers, Yarns and threads, Fabrics, Clothing, Fancy goods, Floor coverings, Toys and sporting goods, Meats and processed foods, Staple foods, Natural agricultural products, Light beverages, Wine and Alcohols, Smokers’ articles, etc.

“Services” for TM protection can broadly fall under:

Advertising and business, Insurance and financial, Building construction and repair, Telecommunications, Transportation and storage, Treatment of materials, Education and entertainment, Computer, scientific & legal, Hotels and Restaurants, Medical, beauty & agricultural, Personal etc.

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