Anti Microbial Resistance
Antimicrobial Resistance Report: Can Innovative Therapies Tackle Multidrug Resistant Pathogen Crisis?

Antimicrobial resistance report discusses about multidrug-resistant pathogens & therapies to combat antimicrobial resistance such as phage therapy, probiotics, antimicrobial peptides, novel antibodies, CRISPR/ Cas9 etc. The report also covers startups, companies, global trends, market size, market growth, collaborations & acquisitions….

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Quasi-Drugs Report The Regulated Cosmeceuticals & Growing Market
Quasi-Drugs Report: The Regulated Cosmeceuticals with Growing Market

The report will include the approvals of quasi-drugs from regulatory organizations, market research, and the competitive aspect of Quasi-drugs. Special emphasis is given to the regulatory approvals in Japan and other countries in Asia pacific regions. Under the Pharmaceutical and…

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