Competitive Intelligence

Purpose & Use

Competitive intelligence (CI) is an ethical way to gather information, analyze the retrieved information and to apply intelligence to come up with report that can support business, R&D and IP counsels from an organization in their decision making. Patents a company possesses can often be correlated to the technology advancements company is making inside and therefore is a valid and important parameter to understand competition. Competitive intelligence reports from Signicent, serves the purpose of giving a very good idea about the external business technology environment. In addition to technology CI reports, we can also club it with market CI reports to make the analysis even more meaningful.

Process & Reporting

The process can include searching for competitors or/ and technology of interest in patent and non patent database. If market CI is also required, secondary market research can be conducted on paid and non-paid databases to make a comprehensive report. The complete research is presented in a well documented professional report.

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