Signicent specialises in providing various services to its clients. Some of the common services are mentioned below:

Patent Landscape

is required to get broad analysis of a technology on a taxonomy.

Patent Dashboard

PatViewTM is an online platform for patent analytics & visualization.

State of Art

is required to have set of patents in specific technology of interest.

Competitive Intelligence

is required to get specific idea about competitor’s strength and weakness.

IP Asset Management

is required to bucket one’s own patent portfolio into categories.

Portfolio Analysis

is required to understand patent portfolio of company of interest.

Open Innovation & Scouting

is required to find out SMEs, R&D facilities, start‐up firms i.e. scouts.

Patent Watch

is required to keep regular eye on technology/ competitors of interest.

Patent Monitoring

is important to monitor legal status changes of desired patent applications.


is required to challenge the novelty of an invention to find existing prior art.

Freedom to Operate

is required to know overlapping patents before entering new market.

Structure or Sequence Search

is required to find matching chemical structures or genetic sequences.

Design Search

is required to find novelty of design for an article and visual characteristics.

Accelerated Examination

is required to advance an application ahead of que at USPTO.

NPL Search

is required to find non patent & scientific literature.

IDS preparation

we can prepare information disclosure statements as per USPTO format.

Patent Invalidation

is required to knock down a competitor’s patent.

Infringement Analysis

is required to find out products using ‘your’ technology, without licensing.

Opposition Studies

is required for pre grant & post grant opposition studies.

Office Action Response

we can prepare response to the examiner’s claims rejections in OA.

Patent Licensing

is used to locate “carrot” & “stick” licensees.

Trademark Search

we can conduct trademark and wordmark searches globally.

Copyright Search

we can search copyright catalogs & databases & can help protect content.

Market Research

to conduct market research and locate white label manufacturers.

Patent Valuation

uses qualitative and quantitative methods to find the patent/ tech value.

Patent Drafting

is required for filling provisional or complete specification.

Patent Illustration

we can draw illustrations as per patent office standards.

Patent Filling

we can help Indian & Non-Indian clients to prosecute patents in India or file ePCT application.