IP Watch or Patent Watch

Purpose & Use

Patent Watch or IP watch is conducted to keep an eye on particular technology’s patent (technology watch) or company’s patent (competitor watch). In many cases, in addition to technology watch, legal status watch is of interest to keep track on how patents of interest are moving forward in patent office.

These searches can be done on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis or at a frequency of your interest. If the technology is fast evolving bi-weekly or monthly IP watch report may be more useful however if the technology is niche and developing slowly, quarterly or half yearly reports may hold more meaning.

Process & Reporting

The process includes running the search strings at a set frequency in a paid patent database. This may include restricting the search to particular competitor (competitor watch), particular technology (technology watch), particular patents to track legal proceedings and legal status (legal watch) and particular market (market watch). The results are presented in a well documented professional report from where one can get insights about both, present and previous updates. If required, the IP watch can be extended to non patent literature as well.

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