State of the Art Search

Purpose & Use

The state of the art search is conducted to find patents related to particular technology of interest. This type of search can cover patents worldwide or from a particular geographical area, depending on interest. These searches are broad but not as broad as a landscape study, which often touches lot of surface but seldom goes in depth. In state of search, we sufficiently narrow the surface area to be covered and go in depth to answer some specific questions posed by business, R&D or legal team regarding a particular technology.

Process & Reporting

The search is conducted using a well nested search string in a paid patent database to extract the patent results. The said search strings can be made in different combinations and languages and can be combined with CPC/ IPC/ ECLA/ US classes to fetch comprehensive results. The results are analyzed in two phases to shortlist relevant patents from non relevant patents that may have come up while searching too broad. The report contains well categorized relevant patent on an expert built technology tree and technology trends to help business, IP counsels and R&D team to get answers to their specific questions.

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