LG’s (G Flex) and Samsung’s (Galaxy Round) Curved Screen Mobile Phones

A new breakthrough in smartphone would be curved screen phones that two technology giants Samsung and LG released within weeks of one another. The technology of bendable screen would make gadgets more flexible to use as now they could be…

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Nokia patents Vibrating Tattoos and Badges

Nokia, which has about 2500 patents (published and granted) worldwide, is trying to patent an interesting technology on vibrating tattoos that can vibrate when a user’s phone will receive a call with an aim to alert the user.   Published last year on 15th…

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Apple’s new patent: Touch with Solar

Charging a smartphone with solar energy isn’t a new idea but Apple has planned to take a step ahead in building solar charging proficiency directly into the iPhone. U.S Patent and Trademark Office have approved Apple’s patent, US8368654B2 • This…

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