Patents: A Potential Source of Revenue for Cash Strapped Universities

In one of its kind, the patent infringement suit filed by Boston University against e-giant Apple Inc. is a new example of keenness of universities to safeguard their intellectual property and also to earn cash. According to a patent expert…

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Microsoft Cloud Storage SkyDrive loses TM lawsuit to BSkyB in EU

Microsoft cloud storage, “Sky Drive” which is becoming very popular these days is now under trouble. Microsoft lost a case with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) at UK high court in London. They said Microsoft to either change the name “Sky…

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Patent Infringement Case – Ban Apple’s iPhone5?

Apple Inc. has been sued for patent infringement by Boston University, and has attempted a ban on its devices like iphone 5, ipad and MacBook Air . Secernated trustees of academic institution lodged a complaint in the Massachusetts federal court…

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