Race of Trademark Holi among European Union Organisations

There is a surprising newer type of race among the various organizations of the European Union. This race is to trademark the Hindu festival Holi which is popularly known as the festival of color. Hindus have, however strongly opposed this…

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Canada and European Union (EU) agree on CETA (Comprehensive Economic and trade Agreement)

In order to bring intellectual property protection at Canada more closely to the level of EU both Canada and European commission agreed on CETA (Comprehensive Economic and trade Agreement). CETA is a proposed free trade and copyright agreement between Canada…

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Microsoft Cloud Storage SkyDrive loses TM lawsuit to BSkyB in EU

Microsoft cloud storage, “Sky Drive” which is becoming very popular these days is now under trouble. Microsoft lost a case with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) at UK high court in London. They said Microsoft to either change the name “Sky…

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