Signicent specialises in providing various services to its clients. Some of the common services are mentioned below:

[iconbox id=”patent landscape” href=”” title=”Patent Landscape” type=”computer”]is required to get broad analysis of a technology on a taxonomy.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”patent dashboard” href=”” title=”Patent Dashboard” type=”computer”]PatViewTM is an online platform for patent analytics & visualization.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”State of Art” href=”” title=”State of Art” type=”mouse”]is required to have set of patents in specific technology of interest.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Competitive Intelligence” href=”” title=”Competitive Intelligence” type=”computer”]is required to get specific idea about competitor’s strength and weakness.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”IP Asset Management” href=”” title=”IP Asset Management” type=”write”]is required to bucket one’s own patent portfolio into categories.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”portfolio analysis” href=”” title=” Portfolio Analysis ” type=” mouse “]is required to understand patent portfolio of company of interest.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Open Innovation & Tech Scouting” href=”” title=” Open Innovation & Scouting” type=”globe”]is required to find out SMEs, R&D facilities, start‐up firms i.e. scouts.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Watch” href=”” title=”Patent Watch” type=”address-book”]is required to keep regular eye on technology/ competitors of interest.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”patent monitoring” href=”” title=” Patent Monitoring ” type=”address-book”]is important to monitor legal status changes of desired patent applications.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patentability” href=”” title=”Patentability” type=”mouse”] is required to challenge the novelty of an invention to find existing prior art.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Freedom to Operate” href=”” title=”Freedom to Operate” type=”globe”]is required to know overlapping patents before entering new market.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Structure or Sequence Search” href=”” title=”Structure or Sequence Search” type=”chemical”]is required to find matching chemical structures or genetic sequences.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Design Search” href=”” title=” Design Search ” type=”write”]is required to find novelty of design for an article and visual characteristics.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Accelerated Examination” href=” ” title=” Accelerated Examination ” type=” applications “] is required to advance an application ahead of que at USPTO.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Scientific Literature (NPL) Search” href=” ” title=” NPL Search ” type=”chemical”]is required to find non patent & scientific literature.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”IDS preparation” href=”” title=” IDS preparation ” type=”mouse”]we can prepare information disclosure statements as per USPTO format.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Invalidation” href=”” title=”Patent Invalidation” type=”cog”] is required to knock down a competitor’s patent.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Infringement Analysis” href=”” title=”Infringement Analysis” type=”write”]is required to find out products using ‘your’ technology, without licensing.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Pre Grant & Post Grant Opposition” href=”” title=”Opposition Studies” type=”computer”] is required for pre grant & post grant opposition studies.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”OAR Preparation” href=”” title=”Office Action Response” type=”mouse”] we can prepare response to the examiner’s claims rejections in OA.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Licensing” href=”” title=” Patent Licensing ” type=”cog”] is used to locate “carrot” & “stick” licensees.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Trademark and Wordmark Search” href=”” title=” Trademark Search” type=”globe”] we can conduct trademark and wordmark searches globally. [/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Copyright Search” href=”” title=” Copyright Search” type=”write”] we can search copyright catalogs & databases & can help protect content.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Market Research” href=”” title=” Market Research ” type=”computer”] to conduct market research and locate white label manufacturers.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”patent valuation” href=”” title=” Patent Valuation ” type=”address-book”] uses qualitative and quantitative methods to find the patent/ tech value.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Drafting” href=”” title=”Patent Drafting” type=”applications”]is required for filling provisional or complete specification.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Illustrations” href=”” title=”Patent Illustration” type=”applications”]we can draw illustrations as per patent office standards.[/iconbox]
[iconbox id=”Patent Filling” href=”” title=”Patent Filling” type=”computer”] we can help Indian & Non-Indian clients to prosecute patents in India or file ePCT application.[/iconbox]

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