Signicent specialises in providing various services to its clients. Some of the common services are mentioned below:

Patent Landscape

is required to get broad analysis of a technology on a taxonomy.


is required to challenge the novelty of an invention to find existing prior art.

Patent Invalidation

is required to knock down a competitor’s patent.

Patent Drafting

is required for filling provisional or complete specification.

Freedom to Operate

is required to know overlapping patents before entering new market.

Infringement Analysis

is required to find out products using ‘your’ technology, without licensing.

Patent Watch

is required to keep a regular eye on technology or competitor(s) of interest.

State of Art

is required to have set of patents in specific technology of interest.

Competitive Intelligence

is required to get specific idea about competitor’s strength and weakness.

Patent licensing

is required to earn revenue by out licensing of patent portfolio.

IP Asset Management

is required to bucket one’s own patent portfolio into categories.