[bq type=”bubble” id=”senior-patent-counsel-quote” author=”Senior Patent Counsel” profession=”” company=”World Renowned Photography & Image Processing company” separator=”|”]I have begun reviewing your search report in more detail and have concluded my review of Reference 1 and 2 and comparison with the Japanese claims. Your search results are very helpful for that reference. I will likely not spend much time on the remaining references since References 1 and 2 will likely meet our needs satisfactorily. Thank you and your team for a good result! I will tell my management of this good result as well as the client requesting the search.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EPO-Attorney2-quote” author=”European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”World’s leading automobile company with over €30 billion in revenue” separator=”|”]Thank you very much for your good searches and for the new features in the dashboard tool. This is very interesting information for us. Yesterday I met some engineers and they plan to conduct similar project (in the area of automobile motor technology).[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Head-Patent-quote” author=”Head of Patent & Competitive Intelligence Team” profession=”” company=”Leading Silicone manufacturer from France” separator=”|”]I Think that you have passed the bar with a A+ grade! This is an excellent job![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent-attorney-Italy-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Italian Law firm & our client since 2012″ separator=”|”]After having a deeper look to the research provided and after a brief confrontation with our Client, I can confirm that the work done by your team was accurate and properly focused on the matter. So, please provide a positive feedback to your team from my side.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”senior-patent-counsel-quote2″ author=”Senior Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”NY based Electronics company” separator=”|”]The search report you provided was done very well.  Many of the references especially in the high priority ones, are appropriately to be considered in our commercial program.  Thank you for a good job.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”CTO-quote” author=”Chief Technology Officer” profession=”” company=”A leading Antibody production company from Switzerland” separator=”|”]I wish you and the rest of the Signicent team a very good new year. We have enjoyed working with you, and will certainly contact you again if further search questions come up.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EPO-Attorney-quote” author=”European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Law firm having 100+ Patent attorneys located at Germany” separator=”|”]In a nutshell: My overall impression of the report was good. It gave me the answers which I wanted (on a FTO project done on an Urea composition).[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney-quote3″ author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Australian law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you again for the call, and for your report. As indicated we are happy with the excel and powerpoint. We would like to request 3 additional searches to be carried out.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney-quote4″ author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Asian law firm” separator=”|”]You were really so kind and helpful to me, I was in a big mess since I really needed that text and did not found it anywhere! Sincerely, thank you so much for your help, I’ve really appreciated. All the best! (after an urgent deadline non patent literature study)[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Senior-Legal-Counsel-quote” author=”Senior Legal Counsel” profession=”” company=”One of the World’s Largest Beverage and Snacks Company” separator=”|”]I shared the study with our global head of IP. We both agreed that it is a very helpful. I will be sharing it with my team during a team meeting in the next few weeks. I will keep an eye out for more opportunities for you.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Automotive Leaders” separator=”|”]Thank you very much to you and your team for making this possible, in particular in view of the vast amount of analysed data.
I have already sent this research to the business unit, I think it is a very valuable contribution to their assessments on this field.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Intellectual Property Strategic Development Manager” profession=”” company=”Mid size Gaming Company from Australia” separator=”|”]Shall I hear anyone in my private and professional network that needs and  looks for the type of services Signicent proved and claims to have the capabilities and expertise, with your anticipated permission, I will not hesitate in referring your business to them.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Founder” profession=”” company=”Duluth, Georgia based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you for these results, which are quite informative.  Good work!  There are some very pertinent patent documents but the NPL references are very strong as well.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”Director, Global Intellectual Property” profession=”” company=”Pharmaceutical company in Top 10 for prescription drugs in United States” separator=”|”]We have reviewed the reports and the information is nicely packaged.  The reports are easy to digest and laid out in good order.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Carlsbad based law firm and a professional Drone Pilot” separator=”|”]Wow, such a  great job!  Very nice.  Very interesting to see how similar, and different the various countries are on drone law.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”European Patent and Trademark Attorney” profession=”” company=”HamburgGermany based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you very much for your additional work. We will have our final project discussion with the client and the additional safety that your further search has provided is greatly appreciated.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Popular 30 years old NY based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you.  These search results are excellent.  Unfortunately, you found what we were searching for.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”Chief IP counsel” profession=”” company=”Global food processing and commodities trading corporation” separator=”|”]I have kept Signicent’s literature on my desk, and I recommend your services to my other colleagues also.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Intellectual Property Counsel” profession=”” company=”World’s largest oilfield services company” separator=”|”]I just wanted you to know that we are happy with the results of the searches that you have performed to date.  We look forward to working with you on other projects as they become available.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attonrey” profession=”” company=”at Dallas, Texas based Law Firm” separator=”|”]Project was done very good and the report also contained a publication patent that we were expecting to come out and could not find it earlier but they (end client) were happy to see that in our report.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Italian and European Patent and Design Attorney” profession=”” company=”at a big Italian IP firm from Torino” separator=”|”]I confirm the receipt of the search, some documents are very interesting.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”Director” profession=”” company=”at a Dynamic Greek consulting firm” separator=”|”]Signicent provided us with adequate solutions through their sophisticated landscape searches and open innovation reports.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Manager, Intellectual Property” profession=”” company=”Australian Pharma & Biotech Company” separator=”|”]Thanks, the style of the report is useful and the content is as expected.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director-IPR-quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Plano, Texas based Law Firm” separator=”|”]The study report is terrific and very helpful.  Thanks for your work.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”US Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Product and Legal Support Engineer” profession=”” company=”High-end line of hand tools manufacturer from USA” separator=”|”] They were extremely pleased with the results of the search. Not only did my boss and several other executives praise the thoroughness of the job done, but they also were very happy with the turnaround time, and by the fact that the search turned up exactly what we were hoping to find. We are planning on using Signicent the next time we need to do a patent search.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Principal” profession=”” company=”International Patent Attorneys from Australia” separator=”|”]Thank you for your report.  It did reveal a number of very relevant references.  Well done to the team![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EP Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Owner” profession=”” company=”Germany based law firm” separator=”|”] I wish to thank you very much for your excellent work and your punctuality. The search has really hit the mark which, on the one hand, is unfortunate but, on the other hand, we have now a clear picture of the patent situation as it is as an excellent basis for further developments. Thank you again for your most efficient corporation.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Wisconsin (USA) based law firm” separator=”|”]Signicent provides quick turnarounds on freedom-to-operate and invalidity searches and a very low price.  International scope is important to me and Signicent has this capability.  I’ve done almost a dozen projects with them and expect to do more.  The spreadsheet results are color coded and provide extensive information about the findings, which helps me cut down on time searching for the salient features.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EP Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Georgia (USA) based mid size law firm” separator=”|”]Thanks very much for this excellent search report. I think we are done for now on this one.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent, Copyright and Trademark Lawyer” profession=”” company=”Denver, CO (USA) based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you. Excellent results.  Much appreciated. Hah! you will get more work.  Thanks again.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EP Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Chicago (USA) based law firm” separator=”|”] Thank you very much for your very fast response; I appreciate it. What you send is excellent and fulfills my requirements.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”USA based law firm” separator=”|”]Very good turnaround.  The results and presentation were exactly what I was looking for.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EP Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Milan (Italy) based big law firm” separator=”|”]I confirm that the content is not only sufficient, but exactly matches my expectations.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”Michigan (USA) based law firm” separator=”|”]I have meet with the client and they are happy with the search results.  In fact they have asked for an additional landscape search.  The technology is related to… I am currently out of the country and will be returning next week.  This should give you a start on the search.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”EP Patent-Attorney -quote” author=”European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Milan (Italy) based big law firm” separator=”|”]Instead I have had a feedback from the organization of the workshop, who showed me his genuine appreciation for the presentation. So, we can assume that everything was ok.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Director, Technical IP” profession=”” company=”Global leader in the Beverage Industry” separator=”|”]It was very easy for me to go through the information. I like the way that you organized it and the summary table was very helpful. Having all of the pdf’s was also helpful. Please send me an invoice. Enjoy your weekend![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Denver based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you for following up. We have reviewed the search report and found the search results to be helpful. Thank you for performing the search and for your analysis of the references that you identified. We don’t have any questions so far, but we will be sure to let you know if any come up.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Germany based law firm” separator=”|”]I wish to thank you for your file such an excellent work which brings the necessary information to the point.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Individual Inventor” profession=”” company=”Individual Inventor” separator=”|”]Excellent communicators!  Turn around time is very fast, and they stick with you until you are satisfied with the job.  Very pleasant and polite, as well.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Ohio (USA) based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you for the search results. I located what I needed. I do not have any further questions or follow up.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Counsel” author=”Patent Counsel” profession=”” company=”Century old Automotive Company from Germany” separator=”|”]Signicent provided very valuable input in numerous cases for both, in-depth searches of a particular subject-matter, eg. for FTOs , and structured field searches on a broader fields, e.g. overview searches. Their input significantly contributed to a fast knowledge ramp-up in newly entered technical fields, in particular due to the structured output shaping a broad mass of search results into very structured and reasonably grouped technical aspects. Both, technical and mechanical technical fields covering methods and devices in various levels of abstraction have been searched and structured thoroughly. Further, a high number of knock-out searches supported in focusing on inventions relevant for prosecution. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Partner, Italian and European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Turin (Italy) based law firm founded in 1870s” separator=”|”]We have been very satisfied by the latest searches entrusted to you.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Market Research Professional” profession=”” company=”Greece based Market Research Company” separator=”|”]I trust this finds you well. We have been moving forward with the grooming project, and we’ve had some first promising results from your report. We will be in touch to see how we can carry on to the next phases.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”NY based law firm” separator=”|”]The meeting went well, no modifications to the search (yey). I will pay invoice soon, thanks again. Nice professional job.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”California based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you for accommodating my needs on this job so I can enjoy more of my vacation:) Also looking forward to working together more! [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Owner” profession=”” company=”Finland based IP consultancy Firm” separator=”|”]We filed the patent last Friday, so it is completed. Thank you very much for the good work.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Director” profession=”” company=”Perth (Australia) based start-up” separator=”|”]We have reviewed the report and are very happy with the quality of your work. Everything seems very clear to us. Feel free to send through an invoice.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Owner” profession=”” company=”Florida based Capital Company ” separator=”|”]The workbook and the dashboard for the patents are great. I am very impressed with the quality of the work product. You have a great service![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Patent and Trademark Attorney” profession=”” company=”Torino (Italy) based law firm” separator=”|”] The Client reported me that the prior art search hit the bull’s-eye and that it has been very helpful to identify the distinguishing feature of their invention. I will surely come back to you when the need for a new search comes up.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Swedish and European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Swedish Law Firm ” separator=”|”]We are evaluating the patentability search at the moment and we find it very, very interesting. We are indeed very pleased with your search result, (even if it might give us some troubles during any future possible patenting case.)[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Director of Technology Licensing and New Ventures” profession=”” company=”University’s Center of Innovation” separator=”|”]”The search results were good, we are analyzing them and drafting an application based on the search results your team has provided”.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”US Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”100 years old Atlanta Based Law Firm ” separator=”|”]I apologize for the long delay in responding to you. The search report was very good and included many references that were relevant to our analysis. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”Intellectual Property Manager” profession=”” company=”Forbes Top 100 Regarded Company based out of Japan” separator=”|”]Appreciates your thorough search for this project. The report is all fine. Very helpful to consider.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Partner with 30+ years experience” profession=”” company=” 250+ Attorneys size Law firm from DC, USA” separator=”|”]Looked good; was out of town for several days but was exactly what I needed.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Individual Inventor” author=”IPR Engineer” profession=”” company=”Turkey based appliances manufacturing company” separator=”|”]I have just evaluated the prior art search report of the pre-idf and I am really satisfied by your work and it is a great chance to work with you.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Principal-IPR-quote” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=” US based mid-size company” separator=”|”]Some of the references were what we had expected but there were a few that were new. Thank you for sending the pdf’s of the patent stuff. I liked the format and everything. The search terms very really good and the analysis was good as well.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Italian law firm” separator=”|”]The present e-mail is to confirm that we had the chance to go through your report and the attached prior art, and everything is very clear. We have already provided a feedback to the client regarding the results found during the research. You can therefore consider the present case complete.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Senior Patent Counsel” author=”Senior Patent Counsel” profession=”” company=” Life Sciences company estd. in 1930s” separator=”|”]I was quite impressed by the report, especially the layout including relevant figures side-by-side with the claims. I will definitely keep your firm in mind for next projects.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”DC based law firm” separator=”|”]I don’t have any feedback.  So far I’ve been very happy with your work product and the format it is presented in!  Will definitely let you know when a new request comes in.  Thanks![/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”European Patent Attorney” author=”European Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”France Based Law Firm” separator=”|”]The report was good quality, our patent engineer was pleased with the report as sent for analysis. We will definitely work with you for our next cases. Please do not hesitate to send me your invoice.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Counsel” author=”Patent Counsel” profession=”” company=”100+ years old American worldwide marketer” separator=”|”]I was quite pleased with the results and format for the requested searches.  Both searches looked to be very detailed and comprehensive.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Minneapolis Based Law Firm” separator=”|”]I have now reviewed the results and it seems to me that you did a good job in finding relevant art within the constraints of the budget.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Trademark Attorney” author=”Trademark Attorney” profession=”” company=”Law firm from USA” separator=”|”]The trademark report was very well done and we were able to summarize an opinion based on the report for our client. We will certainly try to retain your services in the future for any additional matters. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Leading Automotive manufacturing company from Europe” separator=”|”]A big thanks to you and your team for a comprehensive overview, and there look to be many relevant patents in the report. It will take time to look at these, but already the spectrum is interesting. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Litigation Associate” author=”Patent Litigation Associate” profession=”” company=”DC based litigation specialized law firm” separator=”|”]My colleagues in DC were very impressed with the invalidity work you guys did and would probably enjoy to learn more about your other services.  Please confirm when your plans are finalized so we can plan for your visit. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”VP R&D” author=”VP R&D” profession=”” company=”Biotech company working in tissue regeneration” separator=”|”]The data you provided is clear and quite easy to follow. We are having a series of internal meetings to assess the patents vs our data and own patent. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”R&D Chief” author=”R&D Chief” profession=”” company=”Israel based company” separator=”|”]We had good progress with the screening and already identified significant number of patents the need our attention. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Partner” author=”Partner” profession=”” company=”California based Law Firm” separator=”|”]Thanks for the follow-up email.  The search results were really good, and the client wants some time to review what you found before any further searching is done. Thanks again for the great work! I’m very impressed with your searchers, the timing, and the costs.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”R&D Chief” author=”R&D Chief” profession=”” company=”Israel based company” separator=”|”]We had good progress with the screening and already identified significant number of patents the need our attention. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Attorney” author=”Attorney” profession=”” company=”100 years old law firm from Missouri, USA” separator=”|”]Thank you  – this looks great. Between these results and those that you provided in your previous search, I think we are covered.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”U.S. Patent Attorney” author=”U.S. Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Florida based law firm” separator=”|”]I am writing to thank you for the excellent service provided by Signicent. The invalidity search report prepared in anticipation of our patent litigation matter was integral to determining how we will proceed. The amount of detail included in your report is impressive and the manner in which the data is presented is intuitive and well organized. I also appreciated the flexibility that you provided in tailoring the formats to my needs and your level of communication throughout the process. I consider your work product to be a significant value for the price, particularly relative to some of your domestic competitors. I would recommend Signicent to other IP professionals and would utilize your services again without hesitation. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”R&D Chief” author=”Owner” profession=”” company=”Israel based law firm” separator=”|”] I asked the attorney in charge for feedback and he wrote me as follows:

1. I very much enjoy working with this searcher, and find his Excel analysis file very helpful.
2. My initial impressions of the results were that they were good quality.
3. In-depth analysis has been pushed off, waiting for the client to first do his analysis, so I don’t yet have a final assessment.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Director of Patent Department” author=”Director of Patent Department” profession=”” company=”Turkey based law firm” separator=”|”]Thank you for your e-mail. These Invalidity searches were very useful for us. Hope to have chance to work together in future cases.  [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Patent Attorney” author=”Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Israel based Law Firm” separator=”|”]The client’s team reviewed the results and they are pleased. The results are very relevant and helpful to figure out were our focus should be. I am very happy with your firm’s search work, though, and will definitely be turning to you again when I have something new.[/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Italian Patent Attorney” author=”Italian Patent Attorney” profession=”” company=”Italian law firm” separator=”|”]The documents found were effectively relevant to the subject, and your report presents the searched matter and the documents found in a clear and effective manner. [/bq]

[bq type=”bubble” id=”Corporate IP Counsel” author=”Corporate IP Counsel” profession=”” company=”Ohio based company” separator=”|”]The team and I reviewed the results you provided and they were on target.  Please close this matter and submit it for billing.[/bq]

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